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12 Auto Injury Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Written By Spring Chiropractic on November 5, 2019

auto injury treatmentIt’s surely no surprise to seasoned Florida drivers that our great state is also the most dangerous state in the country for drivers! 

In 2018 alone, 254,873 people sustained an auto injury. In our home of Clay county, auto injuries and fatalities rocked the lives of 1,757 people.

Sadly, distracted driving plays a large role in Florida crashes. You can’t control how other drivers behave but you can take control of your own health to prevent accidents. Prompt and thorough whiplash treatment is critical as well after a car accident. 

12 Signs You Need Experienced Chiropractic Treatment after a Car Accident

Whiplash, pinched nerves, slipped discs, and traumatic brain injuries are just a few of many common conditions associated with car accidents.  

Look for symptoms like:

  1. Numbness or tingling in your extremities (signs of a damaged or pinched nerve)
  2. Muscle spasms in your back
  3. Muscle or joint stiffness (may or may not get worse with movement)
  4. Hard knots in your soft tissue
  5. Muscle weakness in your back, arms, or legs
  6. Sciatica (an electric-like pain that radiates from your buttock down through your leg)
  7. Tender shoulders
  8. Headaches
  9. Restless leg syndrome (symptoms of a pinched nerve in your lower back)
  10. Memory loss or trouble concentrating
  11. Insomnia, fatigue, or other sleep disturbances
  12. Changes in behavior (especially increased irritability)

Compassionate and Comprehensive Auto Injury and Whiplash Treatment in Middleburg, FL

Leading the friendly team at Spring Chiropractic in Middleburg, FL, Dr. David Spring suffered a severe whiplash injury that went undiagnosed for over a decade before it evolved into unbearable pain! 

Dr. Spring understands that gentle comprehensive care is vital to prevent injuries from turning into chronic pain and lifelong problems.  

Don’t wait for your pain to get worse. Schedule a proactive evaluation for vehicle injury or whiplash treatment now by calling 904-276-5525.


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