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Spinal Decompression in Middleburg - Is It a Painful Form of Treatment?

Written By Spring Chiropractic on September 18, 2019

Man with low back painSpinal decompression in Middleburg is an effective form of treatment that can have a profound effect on your spinal health and wellness.

Many people avoid investing in this type of treatment, though, because they’re worried it’s going to be painful.

That’s a valid concern. After all, if you’re already in pain, your natural inclination is to avoid doing anything that is going to make your pain worse.

So, let’s get down the bottom of things. How does decompression therapy work, and is it painful?

How Does Spinal Decompression in Middleburg Work?

To start, let’s discuss how this therapy works.

You start by laying down – on your stomach or your back – on a motorized traction table. Harnesses are placed around your pelvis, as well as your abdomen.

Your Middleburg chiropractor determines how much traction is necessary for your needs and programs the table to apply the exact amount of negative pressure needed to ease your pain.

The table then slowly and gently stretches your spine, relieving the pressure that gravity places on bulging/herniated discs and pinched nerves.

What Patients Think: The Benefits of Decompression Therapy

Decompression therapy isn’t painful. However, it’s important to note that there might be some mild discomfort in the very beginning. After all, with the pressure on your spine, even the slightest movement on your own can be uncomfortable.

Once your body gets used to the stretching action and the inflammation is reduced, the experience will be a safe, pleasant one of pain relief – not something that causes pain.

Talk to Your Middleburg Chiropractor about Whether You’re a Good Candidate for Treatment

Most people are good candidates for decompression therapy, but some aren’t. Therefore, if you’re pregnant, have disc injuries, or another more complex condition, you’ll need to discuss further treatment plan options with your Middleburg chiropractor.

Are you ready to give decompression therapy a try? Call us at 904-276-5525 to schedule a consultation. We’ll see if you’re the right candidate and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your unique needs.

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