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The Underlying Reasons that May Be Causing Your Arm Pain

Written By Spring Chiropractic on January 16, 2019

Although arm pain isn’t widely discussed online or in the news, it has become a growing problem in many industrialized countries. 

While most common from ages 45 to 65, arm pain can occur at any age and become a chronic issue that interferes with your quality of daily life.

Pain in either arm can begin suddenly or develop slowly over a period of time. While most arm pain isn’t life-threatening, any pain that radiates into your left arm should be checked by a physician, as it could indicate a heart attack.

Generally, arm pain is caused by joint problems like herniated disks, or by pinched nerves in the neck — a condition called cervical radiopathy

When cervical nerves are irritated or compressed due to arthritis or injury, that inflammation of the nerve can lead to pain, numbness, and tingling of the arm; and even neck pain.

Chiropractic — Arm Pain Treatment without Drugs

If you’re suffering from arm or neck pain, your chiropractor can help. 

He or she will conduct a comprehensive exam using appropriate diagnostic methods, including comparing range of motion from one side to another to detect abnormal neural tension.

Then, using a series of gentle, effective tools like spinal manipulation, joint alignment and mobilization techniques, and even massage, your chiropractor will begin to reduce inflammation and pain to restore optimal function.

Chiropractic care is a drug-free arm pain treatment that provides relief by restoring proper joint alignment to alleviate nerve compression, then stabilizes the joint to prevent further injury.

Want Arm Pain Relief in Middleburg? Start Here!

Dr. David Spring of Spring Chiropractic has over 19 years of experience helping individuals find relief from arm pain caused by neuromusculoskeletal injuries, bulging discs, and nerve compression.

As an adjunct faculty member at Florida State College where he teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology, he has an in-depth knowledge of the structures of the spine and body that allows him to pinpoint problem areas and provide quick and lasting resolution.

And, if you’re leery of medications, you’ve come to the right place. Spring Chiropractic can provide powerful arm pain treatment without the use of drugs. 

Don’t suffer with arm pain any longer. Call (904) 276-5525 and make an appointment today for fast, effective, safe pain relief.

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