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Massage Therapy for Stress Reduction

Written By Spring Chiropractic on September 21, 2018

Too much stress is downright dangerous.

It can contribute to high blood pressure, mental illness, and even heart attacks.

That’s why it’s so important to manage your stress levels. Thankfully, with the right techniques for stress relief, you can find your way to a better quality of life with less overall stress.

Overwhelmingly, research has shown that massage therapy is an incredibly effective way to treat stress and its accompanying issues, including stiffness and tight muscles.

Incorporating this treatment into your routine can make all the difference. 

3 Reasons Massage Therapy for Stress Is So Effective

People have been practicing massage therapy for thousands of years. This treatment involves rubbing, kneading, and applying pressure to muscles and joints to ease tension, reduce pain, and relax the body.

Studies have shown that massage can improve body functions, including walking and sleeping, and it helps relieve discomfort.

Here are more key ways it helps with stress:

1. It Increases Circulation

Massage helps stimulate your body’s tissues, which increases circulation. Increased circulation means your blood is delivering more oxygen and beneficial nutrients to your muscles and joints. This helps increase your energy and reduce bodily stress, which helps reduce mental stress.

2. It Relaxes Tight Muscles

Stress events in our lives cause a stress reaction in our bodies, which includes tightening muscles. However, when the stressful event has passed, some remaining tightness can persist.

The movements associated with massage therapy help loosen and relax these tight muscles, which helps melt away the stress.

3. It Can Reduce Pain

Chronic pain puts stress on your body and mind on a constant basis. With massage, you can get pain relief from tight or sore muscles, which can majorly lessen your overall stress levels.

For example, a painful neck or back benefits from soothing massage. With less pain, you’ll also have less stress stemming from that pain.

Massage Therapy for Stress Is a Great Option for Better Health

If stress is plaguing you, it’s time to look into the benefits of massage therapy.

This ancient technique can help your body relax, improve your range of motion, relieve stiffness, ease tension, and more.

If you’re ready to melt away stress, give us a call at Spring Chiropractic: (904) 276-5525

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