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How Poor Posture Leads to Back Pain

Written By Spring Chiropractic on April 27, 2018

Back pain is never easy to deal with, but the problem only gets worse if your posture is to blame. Bad posture is a surprisingly common cause of back pain, and it can be hard to make improvements for your health on your own. 

For those near Middleburg, FL, Spring Chiropractic can identify the causes of your back pain and bring your back to full functionality. 

The Connection Between Posture and Back Pain

It’s easy to underestimate the connection between back pain and poor posture because it can take hours, even days, to start noticing the effects of sitting wrong. 

However, over time poor posture can lead to changes in your spine’s anatomical structure that can cause severe pain because of how your nerves and blood vessels become constricted. Likewise, the stress of poor posture can lead to problems in your back, like pulled muscles, overexerted joints, and slipped discs. 

Does poor posture cause your back pain? These symptoms are a sign it does:

  • Pain that begins with a new job, new office chair, or other change. 
  • Pain that starts at your neck and moves down your spinal cord
  • Pain that worsens at specific times of the day
  • Pain that subsides when you switch positions

Best Ways to Treat Back Pain from Poor Posture

If you’ve made poor posture a habit for most of your life, you likely need expert help to start feeling better. At Spring Chiropractic, Dr. Spring provides expert chiropractic treatments like including spinal decompression (Flexion Distraction) to loosen pinched nerves and bring you relief. 

Our team will also teach you the details of proper posture and spinal hygiene to help you prevent back pain from becoming a permanent feature in your life. 

Treat Back Pain at Spring Chiropractic 

Don’t let chronic back pain compromise your quality of life for good. If you want a Middleburg Chiropractor, then Spring Chiropractic has the experts that you need to see. 

We are thrilled to be part of the biggest drug-free healing profession in America, and our health professionals know what it takes to control and coordinate every muscle, bone, and joint in your body for better health. Regardless of the cause of your back pain, we’ll work to bring you back to health. 

If you’d like to make an appointment,  give us a call today at (904) 276-5525. We can’t wait to work with you. 

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