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Headache Treatment: How Can Chiropractic Help Combat Your Symptoms?

Written By Spring Chiropractic on February 12, 2018

Do you suffer from persistent headaches? You’re not alone. 

According to some studies, 90% of Americans have headaches, whether these are dull, throbbing pains that occur frequently or occasionally, or they’re debilitating, resulting in severe pain and nausea. 

When you’ve got a pounding headache, what do you do? 

Do you try and carry on, gritting your teeth to get through the pain? Do you lie down and go to sleep? Or do you pop an aspirin and hope the pain will go away? 

There is a more effective treatment.

Using Chiropractic as a Headache Treatment 

Research indicates that one of the primary treatments carried out by chiropractors – spinal manipulation – can be an effective treatment for headaches that originate from the neck and tension headaches. 

Headaches have many triggers, including behaviors (e.g. blood sugar changes and insomnia), environmental stimuli (e.g. stress, noises, and lights), and foods. Around 5% of these headaches are a warning signal triggered by a physical problem, while the remaining 95% are primary headaches, such as cluster, migraine, or tension headaches. The latter aren’t caused by a disease, which means the primary concern in these cases is the headache itself. 

Clinical research has consistently shown that when various cervical spine joints mis-align, due to injury or poor posture, irritated nerves can cause neck muscles to constrict around blood vessels altering blood flow to the brain or other important structures. Further research conducted in the middle 1990's discovered a connective tissue bridge between the dura mater (tissue sac surrounding the brain/spinal cord) and two sets of sub-occipital or upper cervical neck muscles. Click here to read more

As most of these primary headaches are associated with the neck and the muscle tension within this area, that’s where chiropractic treatment can step in and help. 

What Does Chiropractic for Headaches Involve? 

When you visit your chiropractor in Middleburg, there are a number of things they can do if you’re suffering from primary headaches. Firstly, they may perform chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation to alleviate any stress within your system and improve your overall spinal function. 

They may also provide you with some advice, including how a change in diet may help alleviate your symptoms (e.g. adding in B complex vitamins), and how you can improve your posture. This advice may cover relaxation techniques, exercises, and work postures. And when all of this is combined, it can help prevent recurring tension in your upper back and neck muscles and any ongoing joint irritation. This, in turn, helps reduce the occurrence of headaches. 

To help their patients, doctors of chiropractic receive extensive training so they’re able to provide so much more than low back pain treatments. They understand the spine’s role in problems within other areas of your body, taking all of the necessary steps to ease symptoms, like the headaches you may be suffering from. 

Don’t suffer from your headaches in silence and get in touch with our specialist team at Spring Chiropractic today on 904-276-5525.

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