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What Is Subluxation of the Spine?

Written By Spring Chiropractic on June 16, 2017

Subluxation of the spine can refer to a number of different problems and all kinds of different pains, discomforts, and limitations of movement. Whatever the case, it’s important to see a chiropractor right away to get this injury dealt with immediately before it turns into something worse.

Still, if you’re not familiar with the term, it will help to better understand what a subluxation of the spine is.

Understanding Subluxation of the Spine

Subluxation of the spine occurs when one or more of its nerves are choked, pinched, or otherwise impeded from working properly due to a movement in the bones.

This injury can be caused by something traumatic like a car accident or routine movements like an exercise being done wrong. Many people weaken their backs with poor posture, leaving them vulnerable to the most minor of injuries.

How Do I Know if I Have a Subluxation of the Spine?

Obviously, the most noticeable indicator will be pain. However, it might not necessarily come from the spine or its surrounding area. You may feel shooting pain down your leg, which is a very common symptom known as “sciatica.” Your hips could become tight or your neck could hurt or feel a bit strained. You might even find that one of your feet doesn’t move over the ground the same way that it used to.

Many of the symptoms of subluxation of the spine are caused because of the way your body compensates to ensure you can remain mobile and relatively pain-free. Unfortunately, this can only last for so long before a more permanent or painful injury occurs.

A lot of people who should see chiropractors because of subluxation issues actually won’t feel any pain at all, because the majority of nerves that come out of the spine have no pain fibers.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to your body. If you’re not able to move like you used to and don’t know why, subluxation of the spine could be to blame. As it keeps nerves from working correctly, this type of injury may also be responsible for problems related to your central nervous system.

Seek chiropractic care if you have any reason to believe your spine and/or central nervous system may not be working correctly. This problem will not go away and could actually be causing all kinds of problems. Fortunately, you may begin start feeling relief with just one visit.

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