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Dr. Spring's Story

At the age of eleven, while camping I decided to explore the mountain trails of northern California with my friends. We hiked through the woods and came upon a small natural waterfall. The temptation to climb up the waterfall was too great for me, so I attempted the challenge only to fall twenty plus feet to the rocky bottom below. The injuries I received included a fractured skull, a broken jaw, numerous body-wide lacerations and a severe whiplash. All the injuries were managed well except for the whiplash, which wasn't diagnosed by any of the hospital ER doctors. My neck ached more and more as the school years passed. I even avoided competitive sports to prevent from injuring or irritating my neck further. Still, the neck pain remained.

Ten years later (21 years of age), while showering something "popped" in my neck. Intense pain followed with shooting pain down my right arm. I collected myself and went to the hospital. The doctors examined and x-rayed my neck and arm, then gave me a diagnosis of idiopathic myalgia or muscle pain of unknown origin. Medication was then prescribed for me, and I was sent home. For the next two weeks I was in agony, because the drugs gave me only mild symptomatic relief at best. This frustrated me to the point of exploring other options, which I then pursued. A good friend of mine introduced me to a local Chiropractor who then explained how my neglected childhood injury had silently grown worse over the years only to become a severe problem as I aged. This Doctor of Chiropractic said the original "childhood injury" affected the curve in my neck, supporting tissues and joints. Logically, I followed the doctor's treatment plan, and within a short period of time, with no medicine and several spinal adjustments later I was pain free and happy again. I was so moved by this type of treatment that in time I pursued Chiropractic as a profession. And, the rest is history..

Yours in Health,

Dr. David A. Spring